Executive Assistant (Nữ)

Job description

*Warning: This job is very challenging and we recommend you apply only if you are the type of person that is driven by true passion for work and restless ambition. If you are just looking for a regular office or clerical job, this post is NOT FOR YOU.

This job is for HANOI only.

Working as an Executive Assistant to the CEO is almost like being the CEO, except you do all the dirty work without the privileges. You will handle the big tasks, like participating in negotiations with investors, reading term sheets, share purchase agreements, working with on-shore and off-shore lawyers, meeting CEOs of prominent companies and joining big networking events. But you will also have to do mundane and insignificant things like deliver a letter to the other end of the town or simply go buy a cup of coffee for your boss. There is a massive amount of work and there is also an infinite number of tasks that have no name. That is the nature of this job: You do all the work that the CEO does, you participate in the events that the CEO does, you meet the people that the CEO does, you do all the trivial things that the CEO would have to do by himself, and you are under as much pressure as the CEO is, but you are not the CEO and you will not be treated like one. This job has all the suffering minus the glamour (and you get paid a fraction of what the CEO gets, too).

So why should you apply?

Because this is the best training you will get if you want to be a CEO or a Founder of you own company one day. At least for a mid size company like Vntrip with 300 employees, offices in Hanoi and HCMC, more than $10M in funding, 20 million site visits per year, thousands of customers a day and a leader in the online travel market in Vietnam. And you will also participate in the fund-raising process, deal negotiations and structures that no other job will give you better exposure to. You will meet government officials, bosses of large corporations and will gain a network that would take years to build on your own. You will travel not just around Vietnam but also around the world to meet with people with different backgrounds and will be exposed to different levels of international dynamics. You will earn the kind of experience that no other job will offer and you will grow much faster than at any other job. And if you truly prove yourself, there will be opportunities for you to make more money than you ever could at any other job, because we will give you options, shares, and many opportunities to co-invest, because it is important to us that our key employees can also enrich themselves while working with us. But you truly have to prove yourself worthy.

So what is required of you?

Hard working. If you want to learn, grow and are really ambitious then forget about work-life balance. Work-life balance is for the lazy people with no ambition. You need to work hard, you need to enjoy working hard and you need to consider hard work your most valuable trait.  And hard work doesn’t just mean working on big tasks that make you feel happy, hard work also means working on small, mundane and boring things that no other person would do and still do your best at it.

Curious. You don’t have to be the smartest of the most experienced person (as a matter of fact, you don’t even have to have a college degree), but you need to constantly be curious and striving to learn. Without curiosity, even the most intelligent people will stop growing. Show us that you are curious and like to be intellectually challenged.

Punctual. The person that cannot diliver on time, whether it is themselves or their work is not a reliable person. Show us that you are reliable by always being on time, delivering you work as you say you would and never making excuses.

Articulate. Those who cannot express their ideas eloquently with their words will never be good sales men (and you also have to be a proficient English speaker/writer). A part of doing business is constantly making sales and if you cannot be persuasive with your words, you will be of no help to us.

Loyal and discreet. You will be handling some of the most sensitive corporate information and meeting some of the most prominent politicians, so needless to say, discretion is key to keeping your job.

What is the compensation?

Up to $2,000 / month. Also depends on how well you can negotiate.

ESOP, shares and co-investment opportunities, which will make you stop caring about your salary.

How to apply?

Just send your CV and a cover letter to tuyendung@vntrip.vn.

We are looking for serious candidates only. If you are in the business of sending your CV randomly to any good looking listing, please don’t waste your time. We have taken the time to write all the details about who we are looking for, so we also expect you will take the time to write us a cover letter (please do not use your old template) telling us why you are INTERESTED in this job and why you think we should be interested in you. We recommend you do research on our company, and most importantly, on the person that you will be working with: our CEO. Please title your cover letter “I’m curious” so we know you’ve truly read the application.

Thank you